Former Porn Star Arrested for DUI
Former Porn Star Asia Carrera was arrested a few days ago for DUI her breathalyzer test was roughly 3 times the legal limit. You may remember her from the license photo we posted previously, she had a colander on her head. She was found intoxicated and sleeping in a County School District building in Utah. She reportedly drove her daughter to school and passed out on the couch.

Porn Star Arrested During Flight
Well known for her aggressive porn films, Lisa Piasecki also known as Tory Lane was arrested for drunken intoxication and disorderly conduct for assaulting a police officer. During a flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles, she attacks other passenger and flight attendants until she was physical restrained by a flight attendant.

50 Shades of Grey Showed to Children
Visitors to a Drive-In movie theatre in Concord said they brought their children to see The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water during the weekend and they were shocked and outraged to discover another screen was playing the R-rated Fifty Shades of Grey where their kids could see it. Deborah Powell of Vallejo said she brought her children and several of their friends to see SpongeBob Sunday.

Former Porn Star Neesa Update!
Hey friends! It’s be awhile since I wrote, just wanted to give you an update! I have been so busy with advocating for the rights of elderly and sharing about sexual exploitation with you all and locally. I really love being a voice for the girls who think no one cares… I was one of them.

Female Porn Producers, Continuing the Cycle of Abuse.
It’s common knowledge that the porn industry is primarily dominated by older men and performers are most commonly younger females. The industry that finds women disposable and allows control hungry, older men to make money (way more than the women) exploiting women and coerce them into a lifestyle that is far more dangerous and damaging than they ever imagined. Promises of certain scenes, bait and switch (force) to something entirely different after the contract is signed threatening legal action if they back out. Is porn sex trafficking? Yes it is.

Super Bowl Sex Trafficking Sting Operation
Law enforcement agencies in 17 states arrested nearly 600 people and rescued 68 victims of human trafficking during a sting in the lead-up to Super Bowl XLIX, police said. As part of the “National Day of Johns” sex trafficking sting, spearheaded by the Cook County, Ill., Sheriff’s Office, police said that they captured hundreds of men and women attempting to hire prostitutes through websites such as and Craigslist. Police also said they rescued dozens of women who said they had been forced into prostitution.

Pink Cross Reaches College Students in Ohio
We had the opportunity to have a presence at Heidelberg College’s Human Trafficking Awareness week. Local school Tiffin University was also a part of the festivities. Students had week long events such as a documentary screening, a guest speaker and survivor, and a information fair for students to learn more about getting involved. We had a table at the fair and was able to connect with other organizations there. Most importantly, Pink Cross was the only group there that educated students and faculty on Pornography and the connection to sex trafficking.

Fighting on the Frontlines: AVN Awards
While Shelley was touring Canada telling the truth about porn, some of our team was charging the front lines of the porn industry at the AVN Awards. Every year it seems these events get smaller and smaller, the battle is slowly being won but the war is far from over. Sal, Aaron, and General Jan reported for duty and exploded the place with PRAYER and bombs of encouragement and love.

Ex Porn Star Shelley Lubben Tours Canada
Wow, we are only in the first month of the 2015 and it’s been amazing! Last week, we traveled to Canada to do speaking engagements on various campuses. We were so excited to bring the truth to Canada and connect with life long friends. First we went to McMaster University, speaking to hundreds of students about about the porn industry and sharing important facts about the truth behind the fantasy of porn. From small crowds to hundreds, tears were shed and making asked for prayer. We stayed for hours past the event just to pray with students and even married couples.

Child Pornographers Dirty Little Secret
Child pornographers have created a new hidden website where paedophiles can crowdfund child pornography. If your first thought was, how is that legal!? You are not alone in questioning that, we did too. A website reports that paedophiles have turned to them in search of a safe haven to share their illegal photos and videos.

Former porn star Dr. Shelley Lubben tours in Canada and speaks on “Sex: Finding the Truth Among the Lies” at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, near Toronto January 20- 21. She then travels to London, Ontario, to speak on “Porn Trafficking” at Western University in London on January 21 at 7 pm to students and the community. Shelley will also be speaking to pastors and leaders about the problem of pornography in the Church.

Adultcon Porn Convention Outreach 2015
Pink Cross Foundation is VERY excited about reaching out to porn stars and porn fans at Adultcon in Los Angeles at the LA Convention center February 27 – March 1. Adultcon has always been generous to us to allow us to have a booth every year. This is a great show with lots of opportunity to touch many lives.

Lebanese-American porn actress receives death threats in her family’s home country after she is voted sex industry’s top star
Lebanese-American porn actress receives death threats in her family’s home country after she is voted sex industry’s top star. Mia Khalifa, 21, originally from Lebanon, named porn’s top actress. This has cause outrage in her home country and across the internet. From social media outlets and more, she has been branded ‘vile’ and ‘disgusting’ while one man threatened to ‘cut her neck’. According to these threats she has disgraced her county because in one adult film in which she is seen wearing a hijab (headscarf, worn by Muslim women as a symbol of modesty).

A (NOT SO) Happy New Year for the Porn Industry!
A NOT SO Happy New Year for the porn industry, news of another possible transmission of HIV on set has been released. California health officials have announced that there is “very strong evidence” that there was an on-set HIV transmission on a porn set in Nevada in September of this year. You may have recalled hearing about that on Pink Cross social media a few months ago.

Lisa Ann Leaves Porn

Merry Christmas: Special Message From Shelley
I remember the day my husband Garrett and I had lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant and had a momentous conversation about how we were going to help women get out of porn. It was January, 2007, and we knew we needed to do something and fast! It had been three years that I had been sharing my testimony at churches, on the web, TV, radio and in documentaries and suddenly women around the world were inspired by my story to get out of porn and prostitution! They wanted and needed help and we as a family could only do so much for them.

A-Lister’s Daughter Exits Porn
Montana Fishburne, daughter of the A-list “Matrix” actor, leaked a sex tape of herself in hopes of obtaining a Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian like quick rise to fame. This attempt failed and she didn’t make much money at all. In the process, Laurence Fishbourne (her father) disowned her for her choices and she really didn’t gain anything.

Theater Slips Up: Sends Porn To Families
A theatre has admitted a “horrifying” error meant porn DVDs were sent to parents and children – instead of a recording of school performances. The Edinburgh Playhouse said “highly inappropriate” sexual content appeared on some of the DVDs after a third-party firm botched the duplication process. The X-rated mistake was discovered within 48 hours of the films being sent out.

Former porn star Esperanza Diaz loves her Christmas gift!
Former porn star Esperanza Diaz loves her Christmas gift! Every Christmas and even throughout the year Pink Cross Foundation sends care packages and Christmas gifts to women and men in the porn industry. BECAUSE OF YOUR GENEROUS DONATIONS we can continue to reach out to precious women like former porn star Esperanza DIaz. Read what she says about her gift that your donation made possible:

U.K. Bans Violent Sex Acts In Porn
Let’s give the United Kingdom a BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE! The country has just imposed some major censorship on the adult entertainment industry, banning a long list of sexual acts from porn movies in the form of an amendment to the 2003 Communications Act